Funeral Services

A Ministry of Funeral and Memorial Services

A ministry...

Ministry is different from, but complementary to, the relationship you might have with a funeral home or memorial service provider. In ministry, we offer a pastoral connection, not just a customer/service connection.

Every human life is composed of body, mind...and spirit.

While some people may not be accustomed to talking about spiritual things, we do it every day and can help grieving families to find the right words and actions to celebrate and honour the whole person who has died.

A Christian faith orientation.

This community of faith is deeply grounded in the promises of a gracious God. When we work with grieving families, we listen first for the cues they give us about appropriate faith expression in any service, making suggestions and working together for the best possible results.

The pastoral connections become a part of the whole congregation's ministry.

Every person for whom we conduct a service is entered in the official Register of Lakeview United Church, recorded In Memorium in our Annual Report and remembered in a time of silence at our Annual Meeting. To those of us who have buried our own loved ones, the knowledge that their passing is recorded and marked in the life of an ongoing community of faith is comforting.

Funeral Services...

A funeral service usually takes place close to the time of death, and includes the presence of the deceased person's remains in a casket or, if cremated, in a smaller container or urn. It is usually a public service. A service of committal may follow the funeral service, when the remains are taken to and placed in a gravesite, columbarium, or other permanent resting place.

Memorial Services...

A memorial service may take place close to the time of death, but often follows at a later date. It may, but not necessarily include the presence of cremated remains in a container or urn. When no immediate funeral or memorial service takes place, some families find as time passes that they need some kind of ritual closure. A memorial service is appropriately held anytime up to and including the first anniversary of someone's death, and may be private or public.


When the deceased person is thought to be of Christian faith, you may choose to use the sanctuary of Lakeview United Church for the service. It may be helpful for you to place the reality of this loss in a context where every stage of life is recognized and celebrated week after week by an active congregation. Our sanctuary can accommodate a service with either casket or urn. Or, if you choose to have a service in a funeral home, we can provide leadership in the service, working professionally with their staff on your behalf.

Who can participate in a service?

The service is conducted by the incumbent minister of Lakeview United Church and includes opportunities for a few friends or family members to share remembrances, offer special readings, music or video presentations. The planning process is consultative with the family or estate representative(s).


Sometimes we form ongoing relationships with friends and family of the deceased person. In every case we do our best to offer follow-up care and friendship, and make referrals to other professionals when appropriate.


Planning for a funeral or memorial service at Lakeview United Church


If you plan to host a reception at Lakeview United Church, the Fellowship Committee will set-up the hall, supply and serve coffee and tea.

If you wish to serve food, you are responsible for purchase and delivery to the church. The Fellowship Committee will set-up, serve the food and clean-up.

If you wish, for a moderate fee, some funeral homes will assist with food service and/or provide hostesses to preside over the reception.


Sanctuary         Non-Members $ 250   payable to Lakeview United Church

Minister            $ 300   payable to ______________________

Interment         $ 100   payable to ______________________

Sound              $ 100   payable to ______________________

Music               $ 200   average (rates to be discussed & agreed upon by musician(s) &


Kitchen / Hall   $ 150   payable to Lakeview United Church

Should fees present any hardship, please contact the minister.