Adult Bible Study Groups

  • Monday Morning Bible Study 

    Monday Morning Bible Study will begin a new study on Monday, September 23 at 9:30 AM in the Upper Hall. We are a women's group, and we will meet every 2 weeks from Sept 23 to the end of November, take a break & then begin a different study in the new year. . This fall we will be doing a 5-session study based on the resource "Birth of Jesus for Progressive Christians", We will be attempting to discover the deeper meanings of the birth stories found in the Bible, and the reasons why the authors wrote the stories the way they did. If this interests you we invite you to come along. For more information contact Gwen Jamieson 403-249-5655 or email

  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study meets in the Upper Hall. 10:00 - 12:00 under the leadership of Hank Klassen. Coffee is provided. Call Hank at 403-249-7006 for more details. Session currently suspended! Studies will resume October 16th, 2019!

  • Faith Journey Book Group meets on Fridays at 9:30 am from October through May in the homes of the members. We read and discuss faith related books. Join us if you interested in lively discussion about your Christian values? Your Spirituality? Your view of today’s world?  New session starts up on October 4th at the home of Barb Foster. (After spending 3 weeks finishing up discussing “In the Sanctuary of Women,” by Jan Richardson, we will collaborate and choose another book for discussion.) Everyone is welcome to attend with his/her ideas. Call Sue Spratt at 403-242-7156  or, e-mail  for more details.

  • Warming up to Worship: Sunday mornings 9:15 - 9:45 am. Come to church early; bring your coffee and a Bible (any translation) and join in a discussion of the scripture readings that will be read during the worship service that day. We meet in the Group Meeting Room (Downstairs). Bob Gibennus, Licensed Lay Worship Leader, facilitates the discussions. For more information call Bob at 403-202-2704 Will resume October 20, 2019. Enjoy the summer!