Pledge Fest 2019


Lakeview United Church

Seeking Spiritual Renewal and Growth in a Caring, Affirming Community...

October, 2019

Greetings to all of the Lakeview family! 

Something exciting is happening here at Lakeview United Church and we want you to be a part of it – an integral part! There has been movement of the Spirit, movement of the work of God with new initiatives, new visioning, saying to self “We can do this!” and with the wonderful volunteers, new energy and new possibilities to move forward in faith. And with all of this ‘newness’ we boldly put our faces forward and challenge ourselves to fulfill our mission and to be a voice of hope in this community and in the world.

Our annual stewardship campaign or Pledgefest is about to begin and this is where we want you to join in with all of the excitement. If we had a theme it would probably be something along the line of “Get ready…for we are growing Lakeview into something new and you’re invited!” We believe that we’re ready to do this and with all of the talents and energies which Lakeview United Church has, we believe that all of the hopes and dreams will become a reality and that the emerging church will be reflected in who we are and how we live our faith in today’s world. Your annual givings support many outreach programs, both locally and nationally, the everyday workings of paid staff and building and property maintenance, Mission & Support and helping to share in the Good News in Lakeview area and beyond. This is just to mention a few of what your givings attend to and the important part is that being open and vibrant allows us to care for our community as well as we can in faithful and loving ways.

Whoever you are and where your faith journey may be, there is a place for you. You may be one of the long-time members or adherents who have led this church for years and may not be able to anymore. We do need your blessings. We will need new leaders and participants to help us find new ways to live out our mission. We will need financial resources to support our staff and our ministry mission. We will need all of your talents and your time as we carry this mission into years to come. And, we’ll need your prayers for this is God’s church and God’s ministry which we are partaking in.

So we invite you:

Ø  To pray about your givings, and these would be not only financial but also your offerings of time and talents.

Ø  To pledge, to set a goal which is attainable for you and which helps support the total vision.

Ø  and, to participate, to find your place in the mission and the ministry of your church.

May the Spirit of the Holy One direct you and embrace you in your decision-making and thank you, thank you, for all that you have given and for all of the wonders which we have shared.

In Peace, in Love, and in spirit-driven Hope….Rev. Jope Langejans

3023 - 63 Ave SW Calgary, AB - T3E 5J6 - (403) 242-5760


Lakeview United Church

Seeking Spiritual Renewal and Growth in a Caring, Affirming Community...



Greetings to all of the Lakeview Family,

On behalf of the Pledgefest Committee, I would like to thank you all for your very generous gifts, not only monetary, but also time and considerable talents, to our church over the past year.

Of course, the work of the church is never done, and so it is, that once again at this time of the year, we ask that you give prayerful thought to how you would like to support our church in the coming year.

The main reason for pledging is to provide our Treasurer with information so as to help her in the planning of the 2020 budget.  The top priority of the local budget is to support our church as a place of worship and fellowship.  The cost of our operating budget (local) which includes staff, music program, operating and maintaining the building as well as the work of various committees increases yearly.  Our Reaching Out committee gets requests for much needed help in the city.  The United Church of Canada Mission & Service Fund is helping people around the world and in Canada.

As a guide, we would recommend that the pledge be allocated as follows: at least 80% towards local fund and the remainder be divided between M&S and Reaching Out. The table below might help guide you in the planning.

   2017 2018 2019 2020 (goal)

Local (operating) $140,867 $171,146 $161,089 $180,000

Mission & Service $20,730 $19,717 $20,022 $20,000

Reaching Out $16,070 $16,223 $14,011 $15,000

Total $179,682 $207,086 $195,122 $215,000

The counting and recording of donations takes volunteer and office time, which is always in short supply.  Regular monthly contributions through PAR, post-dated cheques or one time donation are greatly appreciated, as this lightens the volunteer effort required to count and record donation.

In order to facilitate the planning of the 2020 budget, it would be helpful to the Treasurer to have your Pledge Form returned by Nov. 17 if possible.  Also if you wish to claim your donation on your 2019 income tax, it will need to be returned by Dec. 31, 2019.

Please consider returning your Pledge form whether or not you are able to pledge and indicate if you would like envelopes.

Your consideration in this very important contribution to the church is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

The 2019 Pledgefest Committee  

3023 - 63 Ave SW Calgary, AB - T3E 5J6 - (403) 242-5760

                      Lakeview United Church                                        

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Calgary, Alberta T3E 5J6

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October 2019

Dear Lakeview United Church Supporter

Please find enclosed your Pledge Form for 2020, an authorization form for the Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) Program, and a request form to direct your United Way contribution to Lakeview United Church. Please note: YOU must send the United Way form to them as directed on the form if you choose this option.

What is Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)?

The “Support to Local Ministries Unit” of the United Church of Canada administers a program known as Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) on behalf of the local church congregations. It is a convenient way for contributors to make regular payments directly to Lakeview United Church without having to handle cash, write post-dated cheques and remember envelopes. PAR is a process that is already widely used by utility services, insurance companies and charitable organizations, to name just a few.

Pre-Authorized Remittances are automatically withdrawn from the contributor’s bank account on the 20th day of each month (or the following business day, if the 20th falls on a weekend/holiday). That same day the congregational account is credited the total amount of the PAR givings, less service charges. There are no set-up fees, but cost of the program to Lakeview United is 50 cents for each monthly withdrawal. Donors may wish to consider adding that amount to their monthly pre-authorized amount to offset church costs. Donors are also charged their normal debit fee, by their bank, for each withdrawal.

The Treasurer will receive a monthly statement from the Support to Local Ministries Unit, providing a detailed breakdown of monthly donor contributions. This statement will be used for record keeping purposes. Income tax receipts will continue to be issued by Lakeview United Church. For the coming year the first withdrawal, for those who have decided to use or continue to use PAR, will be January 20th, 2020.

To activate the process, enter the amount of the monthly withdrawal on your pledge form, complete the PAR Authorization Form (downloadable under REPORTS on this website), and enclose a cheque marked “void”. If you are already registered with the PAR program you do not need to complete the authorization form or provide a void cheque.

Donors may cancel or change the amount of their remittance at any time through a change notification to the Lakeview United Church office. For a change to be made in a particular month, it must be received by the Support to Local Ministries Unit prior to the 10th of the month.

If you have questions about your Pledge Form or the PAR program please contact the church at 403-242-5760 or email

Kind regards,

Lakeview United Church

please Pick up your Pledge fest envelope on the Narthex table, or, For your convenience, You may Download the following forms. please Fill the RELEVANT forms in with your information and return them to the church by November 17, 2019. thank you!


2019 PledgeFest Form click here

2019 PledgeFest : PAR Authorization Form click here

2019 PledgeFest : Emergency Contact Form click here

2019 PledgeFest: United Way Donation Designation Form click here