Christian Baptism

A ministry of Lakeview United Church

To desire Christian Baptism for yourself or your child is to desire a good thing.

If you are reading this as a parent... 

Being a parent is an awesome thing. Sometimes we feel we're doing all right at it, and other times we may think we'll never get it right. No matter how much you know about the meaning of baptism, your instinct to want it for your children is a good one. That's where we want to begin - by affirming you as parents who desire something good for your children.

If you are interested in baptism for yourself... 

Yes! It is not uncommon for older children, young people or adults in every stage of life to be baptized. Sometimes parents are baptized along with their children. It is a holy nudge that has brought you to this place in your life, and God's sure blessing awaits you in the sacrament of Christian Baptism. Read on.

What is Christian baptism? 

Through the sprinkling of water, speaking the sacred texts, and the faith of the worshipping community, the one who is baptized

  • becomes a member of Christ’s church, taking the name Christian

  • affirms God’s unconditional love

  • receives the Spirit who will gift him or her for ministry and be a life long guide

  • follows in the way of Jesus Christ, a new way to be human

  • witnesses to justice, mercy, compassion & forgiveness

  • celebrates the promise of dying and rising with Christ.

It’s hard to stop there, but that is a beginning place for dialogue.

How do we request Christian Baptism? 

Speak to the minister, or inquire through a member who can let the minister know. We offer four baptismal preparation and information evenings between September and June. Choose one that suits your schedule. Leadership is provided by the minister and other lay leaders. Baptismal dates are already chosen in the same calendar period. Decisions regarding all candidates for baptism are at the discretion of the Board, not the minister. 

When does baptism happen? 

The Sacrament of Baptism is included in a regular public service of worship. We schedule four baptismal services between September and June. Because decisions for baptism are made by the Board, it is customary that the regular meeting of the Board will precede the baptismal date. 

Do we have to join this congregation? 

This congregation welcomes you. Neither you nor your child will be turned away from the font because you are not a member here. Lakeview United Church will lovingly and intentionally open as many doors as we can for you to walk through to a deeper level of belonging here. The congregation takes the vows they make for you and your children seriously, and appreciate the opportunity to fulfill them. A life of faith is always better lived in the company of others on a similar journey. At LUC, you will find fellowship, challenge, teaching, support, and a weekly invitation into the mystery of God. The truth is, we think you will want to be a member if you are not already.

What kind of vows do we make?

The vows or promises fall into four categories as indicated in Celebrate God’s Presence (pg. 322):

  • Profession of faith in the Triune God; a God who lives in relationship - just like families!

  • Commitment to seek justice and resist evil; we are a positive presence in the world

  • Commitment to follow the way of Jesus Christ; someone really worth following

  • Commitment to the mission and ministry of the Church; being & doing together what we cannot be & do alone

The congregation together asks the questions of faith before the candidate is baptized. The congregation then promies their support in the nurture of Christian faith, and the parents of any candidates who are not able to speak for themselves make promises to support and nurture the candidate in his or her Christian faith.

Do you have to be a baby to be baptized?

No. Christian baptism is open to people in every age group. We do not assume everyone who comes to church has been baptized. Sometimes parents are baptized in the same service as their children.

Are there any fees involved?


What if only one parent professes Christian faith?

Both parents (and step-parents) are welcome to the celebration of Christian Baptism. Only one parent or primary sponsor needs to answer the questions of faith and make the vows. Those belonging to another faith or religion come to the sacramental celebration as our honoured guests. An atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy is appropriate. The minister is open to hear any particular concerns and is anxious to respond in the same grace that we celebrate with this sacrament.