Seeking Spiritual Renewal and Growth in a Caring, Affirming Community.

We offer Christian Worship, Study, Service and Relationships that will open all ages to experience God’s life changing Love…..



Our Mission

We are an affirming congregation. All are welcome! 

 We are wheelchair accessible. We are a theologically diverse community of Christians who come together at Lakeview United to worship, to grow as a faith community, to serve our neighbourhood and provide a place of support to and for each other. We find balance around the centre of the theological spectrum of the United Church of Canada. We currently have 205 member and adherent families affiliated with the Church.

Our congregation enjoys a wide age spectrum and is enthusiastic and dynamic. We believe in fun and fellowship and enjoy working together. We have a good financial base and a well-maintained and functional building. The congregation is open to a variety of worship styles, music and liturgy. Our music program is a major part of our Worship and offers something for all tastes. While we enjoy each other's company, we are open to meeting and welcoming others. The congregation has a sense of humor, an abundance of talent and a dedicated core of volunteers.