Wedding Services

The congregation of Lakeview United Church joyfully supports your desire to have your union in love blessed by God.  We offer you our ministry personnel, including clergy, musician, hosts and hostesses with our blessing.  We invite you into our worship space, where we have known God's presence and created many wonderful memories of a vital faith lived in community.  We pray all the goodness of our life as a congregation will spill over into your celebration. Welcome!

The following information and guidelines will help in your planning.

Your Faith Journey

We want to support your faith journey in this next important step of your life. While we are a Christian congregation, we understand that love often brings one faith together with another. In a context of mutual respect, we can find ways to include different faith traditions. Please talk to the minister about any special concerns you might have.

For some people, a wedding is an opportunity to renew or begin a new spiritual journey. As we welcome you for your wedding, we welcome you for other spiritual needs as well. Growing in faith is more fun when you do it with others.

Date and Time

It is important to book the date you have chosen as soon as possible. Ensure that the minister and the church are both available, as well as the church's musician. The minister will open and close the church on the wedding day. Call the church office at 242.5760 and speak with the secretary.


The United Church of Canada provides marriage preparation courses on a regular basis. You are encouraged to attend one of them and are responsible for any fees associated with the course. Information is available through the church office. You will also need to meet with the minister and attend (with your wedding party) a wedding rehearsal at the church.

The Sanctuary

You will find the sanctuary to be a welcoming and peaceful space. If you are not attending Lakeview United Church, please remember that you are guest in someone else’s worship space. Furnishings are not to be moved and special decorations need approval. Direct any questions to the minister.


Photographs may be taken during the processional and recessional only. Videographers may do the same. A stationary video camera may run for the length of the entire service. Please establish the location of the video camera in consultation with the minister well before the service begins.


Arrange your music needs in consultation with the church’s musician, including any special requests for material or other musicians.


Minister            $ 300   ( Off-site fee to be negotiated )

Soloist                To be negotiated 

Musician             To be negotiated ($200 average) 

Sanctuary         $ 100/hour  Minimum 2.5 hours* ( Off-site fee to be negotiated )

Kitchen & Hall   $ 150 

Sound Person   $ 100                            



An additional deposit of $250.00 from non-supporting families is due at time of booking to hold your wedding date and is non-refundable after the interview with the Minister. Exact fees (in cash) for the Minister should be placed in an individually addressed envelope and given to the Minister at your rehearsal. Arrangements for payment of the Musician should be discussed with the musician separately. Should these fees present any financial hardship to you, please speak with the minister.

$ 250 of this deposit is refundable if not late, and if no extra cleaning required

$ 100 of this deposit is refundable if cancelled after interview with minister


You are responsible for obtaining your marriage license. Check any expiry dates related to your license’s validity. A valid license is necessary for the wedding to take place. The marriage license should be brought to the church two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Wedding Planners and Consultants

Many couples now engage a professional wedding planner or consultant. Your planners will be glad to know that once they arrive at the church, they can simply enjoy the worship service. Your wedding liturgy, in every respect, is conducted under the authority and direction of the minister. The Minister is in charge of the rehearsal.


Arrange a time for your rehearsal (usually the evening before your wedding day). The minister will conduct the wedding rehearsal at the church. Please be prompt. It is helpful if only the wedding party and parents of the bride and groom are in attendance (excepting parents of younger attendants).


As a ministry of this congregation, weddings are conducted by the incumbent minister or other clergy associated with the congregation. If you know a clergyperson you would like to participate in your wedding, please let the minister know, and your request will be given every consideration.